Unlock and Empower
Your Career Success

Are you struggling with the isolation of rural life while craving career opportunity and growth?

Whether you are:

  • Navigating career transitions or re-entry after a period away, such as raising children;
  • Seeking meaningful connections with peers facing similar challenges;
  • Looking to generate personal income or reinvent a career path;
  • Overcoming feelings of isolation in rural areas and looking for a supportive community;
  • Managing uncertainty about future career steps and seeking clarity; or
  • Yearning for growth and new learning experiences in a flexible, self-directed format...

This program is designed for women like you, offering solutions and support tailored to your unique career and personal challenges

What's Included

Comprehensive Learning

A 12-week, self-paced program with structured learning tasks and challenges

Flexible Approach

Engage in self-guided activities that fit your schedule.

Targeted Development

Tailored for rural women seeking career transition or re-entry.

Self-Crafted Career Path

Build your career plan through individual tasks.

Connection and Community

Have the opportunity to connect with like-minded rural women for shared learning experiences.

Cost-Free Access

FREE entry to the program - valued at $2000.

A journey of self-discovery and career empowerment: Designed to guide rural women in creating fulfilling careers on their own terms.

How it works

The journey involves engaging with various self-guided learning tasks and challenges over 12 weeks, covering three key pillars; Connect; Empower; and Activate.

You will develop a deeper understanding of your career goals, learn to navigate the challenges unique to rural life, and steadily grow your confidence and develop action about your career and your future.


You'll begin by exploring self-identity and connecting with the course structure and community.


Delve into learning that is focused on career exploration, skill development, and building self-confidence. 


Conclude by designing a personal career plan and activating it with resources and support from the community.


Digital Mavens is a dynamic 12-week, self-guided program, offering a series of tasks and challenges designed to empower rural women in their career development. Unlike traditional programs, it provides flexibility for participants to engage at their own pace, focusing on personal and career growth. This program is specifically tailored to assist women in rural areas to navigate the challenges of re-entering the workforce or starting a new career path, all through a self-paced, empowering process.

Applications are open on a rolling basis for our self-guided program, allowing you to start your journey when it suits you best.

Expect to dedicate two to four hours per week over the 12-week period. The program's self-guided nature means you can engage with the material at times most convenient to you.

Nothing. That’s right—ZERO! The Self-Guided Digital Mavens program, typically worth $2000, is offered free of charge under the Australian Government National Careers Institute (NCI) initiative to help women back into employment. That’s a whole lot of value and expertise at your fingertips, completely free.

The core of this program is about enabling you to develop a unique career plan through self-guided tasks and challenges. These activities are designed to help you reflect on your goals, skills, and aspirations, forming a career path that resonates with your personal journey. By the end of the program you should have a clear plan about how to activate your desired career path and the tools to do it.

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